On Facebook, I see my engineering friends going off here and there to do internships every now and then. They even have workshops during the semester and sitting at home doing nothing is just not an option. Some people manage to visit an IIT, an IIM and some foreign university in their four-year undergraduate course in order to do an internship.

For us, however, it’s different, very different. The students, of course, want to do internships and courses and projects. But there is an alarmingly large number of professors (and parents) who don’t want that. In our institute, Prof. Archimedes tells everyone during admission that an internship is a waste of time. He becomes angry (literally) when someone mails him saying that he/she wants to do a project under him. And he tells everyone’s parents not to let their “kids” go off to other colleges instead of returning home.

Another problem is the behaviors of professors. At every institute, there are usually four-five professors in your field(s) of interest. And it is very likely that at least one of them will not be available during that time, one of them has already got two-three students and doesn’t want any more and the remaining two or three won’t bother to give you a reply. And then of course, some institutes have centralized procedures that ensure your favorite professors are not guiding any projects or you need recommendations or you don’t satisfy the eligibility criteria, or worst of all, the last date was half a year ago.

I understand that we don’t want to study during the semesters but if we are so interested in studying during the summer break, isn’t that a good sign?

PS: Fingers crossed. Hoping to get a project this summer at one of the better colleges.